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Re: Has star trek changed

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The new film is looking good from the trailers, but what i was thinking has it changed now from Gene,s vision , the trek we all liked and enjoyed the great stories that were told . Is it now just a blockbuster special effects film with no real story to the trek world ?
I think it has. But Gene was always using contemporary topics to fuel his stories. Race was a HUGE issue back then and you saw that "tolerance of others who are not like you" theme over and over. Others here can come up with many more example...theme-episode. I can't, I just remember how topical it was even as a child.

So now we have terrorism and corruption from within as a major societal issue here in the US - and very many other countries. Bob Orci is HUGE into conspiracy themes and poitical intrigue. I have followed his posts at (bleep) comments section for a long time. He still talks about President Kennedy's assassination.

So JJTrek has been written to reflect our times. If it was a movie about racial division, or hippies, or Nixon-ish leaders, or HUGE sideburns and wide glasses - it would not be relevant to movie goers. The betrayal of our government "servants" and terrorism are the topics of this decade.
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