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Re: Has star trek changed

Um, Star Trek changed from Gene's "vision" (before it was called a "vision", it was just a TV show pitch) pretty much the second the series was greenlit. Other people came in, and - through collaborative process - "Gene's Vision" (TM) was morphed into something 'changed'.

The new "blockbuster" (why do so many people - not necessarily you - seem to regard this as a dirty word for a Trek film??) is no more "changed" from the "Vision" than Star Trek II, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, later TNG etc etc.

"The Trek we all liked", really? If you can find consensus on the Trek we ALL liked I'd be impressed. What you consider the Trek we "all" liked might be very different from me.

Don't mean to pick on you, but I see this "the new movie has changed things from everything before" line a lot, and it rankles; it makes it sound like Trek was one cohesive whole for 40+ years beforehand, and it's just not the case.
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