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A lot's made of the ending to ME3, but for any complaints leveled against it, the beginning is just as bad.
Wholeheartedly agree on that one. Even the elements that are there are so out of touch with what has come before it.

Why is Shepard being brought in to discuss how to fight against the Reapers? Didn't Joker and Admiral Hackett fight and successfully destroy Sovereign in Mass Effect 1? All Shepard did was fight an indoctrinated Saren. Anderson even states that Shepard "spoke" with one of the Reapers, as if that alone is a qualifying thing to become an expert on them.

And what is up with the dialogue?

Alliance person: How do we fight them?
Shepard: This isn't about strategy or tactics. This is about survival.
Alliance Person: What can we do?
Shepard: Only thing we can do. We fight or we die.

I realize that we must make Shepard act like a total bada** in his/her commitment to fighting the Reapers, but her lines do not compliment each other. In order to fight something with a sensible goal of success, you NEED strategy and tactics. Maybe if the game took a different approach like having Shepard say that they should be abandoning Earth that very moment, it would have fit. But since the box art proudly declares that we "TAKE BACK EARTH!", we've got to have dialogue like this.

Anderson: We need the help from the Council.
Shepard: The Council? The fight is here!
Anderson: It will be everywhere soon enough. You told me that.

If only Shepard's alien friends or even love interests could hear Shepard say that. Yep, Shepard knows the Reapers want to destroy all life in the galaxy, but after everything Shepard has done, whether being pro-unity or pro-humanity, Shepard must be told to bring the galaxy together rather than stay and fight the Reapers on Earth. That is the worst kind of exposition you could ever write. Telling characters what they already know while pretending they don't know it. I don't mind if this was done for new players, but for characters who started in the beginning with ME1, this is forced story telling.

And I'm sorry, but when it comes to the Mass Effect universe, I don't give a crap about Earth.
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