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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

It wasn't canon - many dates and events conjectured in the chronology were changed when they eventually made it to screen. There's even a disclaimer to that effect at the start.

What had been made canon with regard to TOS' timeframe is...

The five-year mission ended in 2270 (VOY: "Q2")

Kirk was born in 2233 (STXI)

Kirk was 34 during "The Deady Years"

A deleted scene in STXI gives 2230 as Spock's birth year.

I think it all works out close enough to the Star Trek Chronology's conjectures. There's an updated version of the timeline in Voyages of Imagination, which includes all the films, episodes and novels up until about 2006. It includes the updated info from "Q2" and thusly moves The Motion Picture to 2273.
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