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Re: ST VI:TUC Out of character for McCoy?

-Spock graphically mind rapes Valaris in the middle of the bridge, and everyone just watches. Nobody tries to stop him. I pretty much pretend this scene never happened, since the way they played it, Spock might as well have bent her over the helm and everyone else is an asshole for just sitting there and allowing it to happen. Out of character for Spock and everyone else.
Do you realize that you come off as a disgusting sexist bigot here?

Is any confrontation between a man and a woman somehow "rape", unless the woman triumphs hands down, or is ugly, or fails to squeal? Is a woman sacrosanct just because of her gender even if she happens to be a key figure in a plot to kill trillions? What possible difference is there between this scene and the one where Spock brutally forces a hapless male guard to open a door the man doesn't want opened, in "A Taste of Armageddon"? Why didn't the other captives rush Spock and beat him on the head with a stool until he bled enough to realize how monstrous it was to violate people that way?

You really come off as beatifying rape as an institution. Or then diluting the meaning of the concept to nothing, which is pretty much the same thing.

Timo Saloniemi
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