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Re: Same-species ship; not very UFP?

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In Captain Solok's case, it's understandable, as his evident racial prejudice against Humans would almost certainly preclude him serving on the same ship as them. He believes Vulcans are a superior race (which is in itself an anti-Federation and illogical view), so naturally he would want only Vulcans on his crew.
Would a captain even be allowed to do that? And what if Bolian, Andorian, Trill, Bajoran, or Betazoid crewmembers were assigned to the ship. What would his attitude be towards them?
I'm assuming that a captain has some degree of control over who is assigned to a ship. At least Solok does. He could probably pull some strings at Starfleet Command to ensure that the racial purity of his crew was maintained.
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