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Re: My Review of Insurrection

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I've always liked TFF for reasons that I can't easily define. It's like putting on an episode of TOS. A third season episode of TOS, but an episode of TOS all the same.
I really like it. It's a good film with a fair few goofy WTF moments but they don't spoil it for me.

Insurrection and Nemesis, not so much. I can see how Insurrection arguably feels the most like TNG as we knew it from TV, but there's still... something 'off' about it which I don't like. Maybe I'll just never be able to completely accept TNG as movies. It was such a class act on TV that everything they did in cinema paled in comparison. Even the much lauded First Contact.
I like the Star Trek film franchise (Well, not where it is at the moment but I digress!), though I'd say it really pales in comparison to the TV series. The TNG movies aren't as good as the show but aside from Wrath of Khan (Which certainly can compete with TOS at its best!) and The Undiscovered Country, none of the TOS films are as good as the average good TOS episode. Insurrection looks lame compared to masterful classics like The Inner Light, The Drumhead or The Measure of a Man but The Voyage Home looks really dumb compared to City on the Edge of Forever or Balance of Terror.

It annoys me that most casuals judge Trek on the film franchise. As Kirk said in STIV, "You're not exactly catching us at our best!".
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