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Re: "the chase" Reprucussions

It really smacks of "small universe", not to mention a major downgrade for the seeders. Their four-billion-year plan for the entire galaxy was a stunning success; their transplantation of a handful of native Americans was a dismal failure that would have led to total extinction had Kirk not intervened...

At best, I could buy the Preservers believing they are the continuation of some ancient great plan, much like Freemasons would like to believe in a society history going back to the days of the pyramid builders...

Problem with that is, while "school" is mandatory, "Sunday school" isn't. Not all children in our society attend Sunday school. For them to receive information on both evolution and creationism, in order that later they would be able to make their own informed choices and decisions, both would have to be taught to them in the only instructional environment where attendance is mandatory.
That would solve nothing, though, as it would still completely ignore such worldviews as Pastafarianism or the concept of Earth being a flat plate atop elephants atop a turtle. At some point, you either have to cut off the crap altogether, or then condense it into a footnote saying "visit your local library, Dewey code 213, for associated bullshit".

The art of making informed choices is something that needs to be taught separately; it can then cover subjects such as creationism. OTOH, there are worthwhile things to be taught about evolution, whereas there's nothing teachable about creationism beyond the existence of the term.

Timo Saloniemi
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