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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

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ABC Studios will work with Sonar to set up and produce the action-suspense series created by John Glenn (Hatfields & McCoys, Eagle Eye) about a scientist and a Special Forces soldier from the post-apocalyptic future who travel back in time to prevent Armageddon. Landing in present day, the pair morph into their younger selves as they set about altering a series of seemingly random events that form the chain leading to the catastrophe.
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Isn't that the premise of Continuum?
No, they're completely different. Continuum's future is a corporate-ruled dystopia, not post-apocalyptic. The heroine is a lone cop rather than a scientist/soldier team, and she hasn't "morphed" into her younger self, because she's travelled back 65 years and is only in her early 30s. And she's not trying to alter history, but to preserve it against alteration by the bad guys who've also come back from her own time. In fact, it's unclear whether it's even possible to alter history, or whether the actions the characters undertake in 2012 are just part of what led to the future they came from.

Basically Continuum's premise is a lot like the old Dale Midkiff series Time Trax, albeit somewhat darker. If you wanted to formulate an elevator pitch for Fix It Men, I'd think it'd be more like "The Terminator meets Quantum Leap," since you've got time travellers trying to prevent the apocalypse and jumping into their younger bodies.
Okay, thanks. I haven't seen Continuum, so it sounded kind of the same.
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