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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

Even if you buy the fridge saving them from the rockets which clearly penetrated into the diner before exploding... they were literally a short jog from Monroe HQ. What.. nobody tried to follow them on foot? Then the helicopter with dudes on the side hovers 3 feet over the ground without landing and them hopping out to take a look at their handiwork?

Just another pointlessly overdone cliffhanger (by Sci-Fi shows in general) followed up by a nonsensical resolution to get out of the corner they had written themselves into.

Would it really have killed them to have them do something intelligent to evade capture? Get into thicker tree cover and split up to rendezvous later? Something?

Also... "Aim for that one! The amplifier's gotta be on that one!" Wait what? Did I miss something? Was there any reason it 'had' to be in that one? The only story logic I remember was that it would power anything within a certain range... so either the amplified helicopter would be responsible for staying within range of the other or vice versa... there's no obvious necessary strategy there...

So what does that leave? Well, seeing as the amplifier is the most valuable object in the world as far as they know if anything the helicopter carrying it would be under orders to be the more 'defensive' of the two. So which helicopter had it in the end? Why of course it was the one that took the initial aggressive strafing run and exposed itself to small arms fire including losing its side gunner to hot chick 90 degree snap no scope Call of Duty YouTube Montage epic killcam.
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