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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

Well, that was just a regular explosive, not a nuclear bomb, so I don't think the situations are that similar.
As for the episode,I thought it was great. I saw an ad that said someone would die, but I must admit I didn't expect Danny to bite it so soon after they found him. But like Enterprise is Great said, it does give the rest of the Mathesons and Aaron a more personal stake in the fight against Monroe. I was glad to see Jason finally turn on his dad, I've been expecting that for most of the season, so it was nice to actually see it happen so soon into the second half of the season. I did not expect them to destroy the helicopter and the medallion so soon. I figured we'd get at least of handful of episodes with them around, tut then I guess that might have made Monroe too strong. I also didn't expect Randall and Monroe to join forces, but it is kind of nice to see those two thread braided together.
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