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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

Ah, see there was me hoping that Kemper was going to be ripe and available for THIS show and is in fact treading sludge in a bog on CULT.

I have no doubt that Kemper and Ricky Manning were the real drivers of 'Scape and I always got the impression (from TV and magazine interviews) that Kemper kinda burned out over the 4 years on the show. Not creatively, but rather poured so much into it that he just ran out of steam. I have been desperately waiting to see more work from him and I had no real intention of catching Cult as it didn't quite float my boat from a premise-POV, so it's a pity he's landed there. The size of the idea of Defiance suits Kempers' style and ambition (at least seen on 'Scape) so we'll have to see what Taylor and Murphy can do.

Taylor has always been a bit of an unknown quantity, given the two shows he has worked on that I have watched (DS9 and Battlestar) both had Showrunners that not only were renowned for re-writing and reworking a lot of the material, but also demanded a consistent style which meant that if it didn't fit their mold it got thrown out (or at least that is what I have gleaned from podcasts, commentaries and books I've read of/about Moore and Behr). So it'll be interesting to see him as co-showrunner.

One of the biggest surprises (and one I always use to never pigeon-hole a TV writer until you see a self-generated piece of their work) was Brian Fuller, who wrote pretty decent Voyager episodes during Seasons 4-7 but whose work could never be fully judged given the committee "writers room" ethic that the modern ST shows kept to, plus (if you believe RDM's comments about Braga/Berman) the background interference in script/stroy generation. When Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies all appeared it allowed a signature writing style to come forward which would have never fit in the ST mold, so I look forward to seeing if Taylor has in fact a real style of his own.

That's always the excitement (and trepidation) of Supervising Producers, Staff Writers, Story Editors etc moving up and generating their own work. Seeing if their voice was lost in the wash, or, well, there never was one.

There is hope in Defiance. Let's just hope it has some balls too.

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