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Re: The Netflix Thread

Well I have this feeling that sooner than later they're going to do a more 'logical' sorting system - at least I hope so - honestly it shouldn't be that hard to make a more navigable Instant Queue - especially since set top boxes with Netflix running on them are getting cheaper and more capable - but they're still a pain to add things to your queue or navigate when you just want to get to what you want.

Being able to make like folders would be cool or your own categories. Like say one that's just Star Trek, one that's Cartoons, one that's Dr. Who/BBC stuff, one that's movies you like, one that's movies you watch when you're drunk...

It would also be nice to not have every movie you've ever watched show up as a suggestion or something, I can understand they want to "Be helpful" but y'know what... be helpful by just making more direct categories or letting me put stuff into my own little section. I've been using Netflix for like almost 5 years now - I really truly don't need suggestions on what to watch. I have like 200 things in my queue and I know how to navigate the site.
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