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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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Impressive. A good job of starting a story in medias res while giving efficient and subtle exposition about the backstory. I was expecting more flashbacks to the Pale Wars, but I guess those will come later in the pilot. And I like the relationship between Nolan and Irisa. It's nice to start off with two such sympathetic characters, and it'll be nice to have a good father-daughter relationship on Syfy again now that Eureka's gone. Stephanie Leonidas in particular is excellent. I regretted that she didn't use her lovely English accent here, but she still manages to be captivating without it.

Interesting monster designs, though they just make me regret that the sentient alien characters are all so humanoid. Also I find it hard to believe that so many creatures of such size could've been hiding among those skinny trees without being seen.
There are some races we haven't seen much of yet, the Sensoth, who look Orangutans, the Gulanee, who are energy beings, and we've seen the characters fighting Volge, a robotic race, in a couple of the trailers. Most of the promotional stuff has focused on the Iratheients, Catithans, and Indogene, but there are actually seven different sentient races making up the Votan.
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