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Re: Is Kirk a Well-Defined Character?

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The events of Conscience of the King
He doesn't seem too broken up over his brother's death
Exqueeze me?

"The Conscience of the King":
Begins on Stardate 2817.6.
Production date: Late September 1966.
Original broadcast date: Dec 8, 1966.

"Operation: Annihilate":
Begins on Stardate 3287.2.
Production date: Mid-February 1967.
Original broadcast date: April 13,1967.

Whichever way you figure it, the events of "Operation: Annihilate"-- the episode in which Kirk's brother Sam was killed -- take place after "Conscience of the King." The only other Trek TOS episode in which Kirk's brother is mentioned is "What are Little Girls Made Of?"

TMOST has a long, detailed description of Kirk's character and personality, but I don't have a scanner available at the moment.
The events of Conscience of the King are completly seperate from Sam's death.
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