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@Marsden: My mistake, overacting was definitely the better word to describe it, even though the two words have completely opposite meanings. Sorry for the confusion, thanks for pointing out my error.

The acting is certainly more theatrical than in the later shows. Even seemingly the simplest lines of dialogue are spoken with so much flare and drama. Probably not the most realistic, but I'm learning to both look past it and at times enjoy it for its humor. The acting was definitely more laid back in the later shows.

@Gojira: I've been watching it on Netflix, so I'm pretty sure I'm getting the remastered versions. I don't have anything to compare the new effects to since I haven't seen the nonremastered versions, but the CGI and other effects that I'm guessing are updates look pretty decent.

@ZapBrannigan: That's probably true. It won't have the nostalgia factor going for it either, but the more I watch it, the more I think I can really get into it. It's very different from the later shows, so I think the different style of the show was a major reason it didn't appeal to me at first.

@Warped9: I've only seen the first dozen or so episodes of ENT. Not really my cup of tea either. A little too bland I thought. I came to enjoy Voyager in the last two seasons, but the first five seasons were hit and miss for me. More often good than bad, which is why I stuck with it until the end, but the show definitely had its problems. It didn't live up to it's potential IMO.
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