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I wouldn't mind another Captain Jack series. Preferable one that wasn't depressing as hell.
Agreed. Torchwood was just starting to find its stride in Season 2 when they suddenly killed everyone and mired everything in super-depressing super-arcs.
The first season was a total mess in just about every department, but there was something bizarrely entrancing about seeing this all-over-the-place attempt to do a Joss Whedon show in Wales, and while it kept falling over itself, it also took some great risks.

The second season is undoubtedly more polished than the first one, but not enough to make it genuinely good and just enough that it lost that "WTF?!" aspect as it just became a boring Joss Whedon clone with every other episode featuring James Marsters or ripping off an episode like Superstar. Adrift was great, but Exit Wounds' Grey storyline is among the worst I've ever seen.

The third season is genuinely quality television, to the extent that it probably should've had nothing to do with Torchwood at all. When I think of my memories of it, I think of those wonderful scenes with Peter Capaladi talking to a box, not John Barrowman's ass.

The fourth season is the complete reverse, genuinely shit television. An embarrassment and one of the worst things ever released set in the Doctor Who universe.
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