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Re: My Review of Insurrection

INS has an appeal for some Trekkies, but it's a very dull and boring film to the vast majority of people in the mainstream audience. It was a bloated TV episode and completely innappropriate as a big screen movie. It's a crap as a movie, just crappy in a different way from the way NEM was crap. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and these are mine. I totally get many Trekkies have an air of incredible elitisim to them where they hold generally poorly recieved Trek films in high regard, i.e., TMP, INS and NEM. Almost implying that most others that despise these films are void of a proper artistic palate and that perhaps stuff like The Motion Picture or Insurrection are too artsy for some Trekkies. Again, my opinion they are failed Trek movies. Trek movies have a cult following, but the critically failed movies(TMP, INS, NEM) have their own cult following within that cult amongst some Trekkies.

With INS I believe resetting many of these characters back to Season 1 of TNG, i.e. the innocent Data and the Riker/Troi romance just seemed unimaginative. Ru'afo was another madman on some mystical quest like Soran or Sybok instead of a legitmate threat. The special effects looked cheap, and were the worst since Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

I do remember back in 1998 reading about how INS was supposed to be some dark story that resembeled a heart of darkness, Apocalpyse Now premise, but the end product was far from it. All we got were a bunch of hippie White Anglo-Saxon "aliens" living technology free in SoCal (another planet) while Picard and the Federation get into a preachy debate about the ethics of rellocating these people which just isn't deep enough for a feature movie.

It's OK as a TNG two-parter TV episode though. But the fact that Galaxy Quest came out the next year in 1999 with far better looking aliens from Stan Winston, a better overall story, more natural humour and even mocked the "timer countdown" while the captain gets into a fist fight didn't help at all.

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