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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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With the interesting creature design, the attempt at making it look big and expansive, and the alien-language swear words... Yup, this is O'Bannon playing in the same sandbox as Farscape.
As I mentioned back in January, this isn't really an O'Bannon show. He was one of its three developers along with Caprica veterans Kevin Murphy and Michael Taylor (the latter of whom also worked on BSG and before that Voyager), but he left after the pilot to become the showrunner of the CW's Cult -- which may have been a bad decision, given how poorly that show is doing. Defiance is Murphy and Taylor's show now, so it probably has more BSG/Caprica in its genes than Farscape. (BSG had alien swear words too.)

Now, just get David Kemper on board and watch that coaster roll! Will he ever do TV again? Please...?
Kemper is a consulting producer on Cult. So he is working with O'Bannon again, just not on this show. And Cult is frankly a mess. I gave up after the pilot.

Honestly, I think O'Bannon is overrated. Sure, Farscape was impressive, but most of the rest of his work has been less so. He wrote the original Alien Nation film, which had a good concept but didn't use it nearly as well as the subsequent TV series. He created SeaQuest DSV, which was basically just an underwater ST:TNG knockoff and only had a couple of really good episodes (the best of which was by Kemper). And he created Cult, which is a dud. Granted, he did write one of the only decent episodes of the awful 2009 V reboot, but that's damning with faint praise. He's not a bad writer, but overall his resume is not overflowing with greatness. Farscape is pretty much the only thing he's done that counts as a great creative success. And honestly I've always figured Kemper had more to do with FS's success than O'Bannon did.
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