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Re: "the chase" Reprucussions

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The fact that evolution is an ongoing process of change is not scientifically up for dispute, otherwise you should have faith that you will never need another flu vaccine. Species continually adapt to be able to survive better, that is thoroughly proven.
You would seem to be confusing (or possible combining) evolution and adaptation. Adaptation can be accomplish solely through natural selection. Evolution can include things like genetic drift, mutation and intentional manipulation (breeding/genetic engineering).

The Chase seems to be saying that there is also (in the Trek Universe) long term "eventual results" instructions that can be encoded into DNA.

Anyway, I say teach evolution in school and creationism in Sunday School.
Problem with that is, while "school" is mandatory, "Sunday school" isn't. Not all children in our society attend Sunday school. For them to receive information on both evolution and creationism, in order that later they would be able to make their own informed choices and decisions, both would have to be taught to them in the only instructional environment where attendance is mandatory.

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