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Re: So why exactly is AVP1 so bad?

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How is the alien lifecycle shit on[...]?
It's like Saul said. The time between faceugger and fully grown Alien is ridiculous. Facehugger goes on, cut to people walking, cut back to chestburster appearing already. Cut back to walking people who are then attacked by Predators. During that fight, the now fully grown Aliens pop up and join in. There's not even an implied passage of time to help out.

Could you expand on each of these points?
The Predator suits are bulky and "fat" looking, to the point where even ADI (the company that made them) admit as much when doing better on AVPR. (The Predator suit was one of very few things better in AVPR) It's not that there can't be fat Predators, just that aesthetically speaking they look bad. I hate the mega-super-long wristblades too. Where do they go when retracted?

The Aliens are all fleshy and un-Alien because they re-used the Alien Resurrection suits. In that film there was a story reason for the fleshy look, in AVP there is not.

The guy who refers to metric time and then proceeds to count in intervals of ten minutes is a groaner that I just remembered. And Anderson cherry-picks stuff from the comic book without any context, which makes the moments come across as unearned. In the film, the Predator deputizes Lex simply because she accidentally spears one Alien. It's that easy to get on their good side?
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