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Re: Villains, Always With The Villains

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Cumberbatch is a great actor but in the trailers all he does is snarl in a black trenchcoat and blow stuff up. I doubt he'll compete with Winn, Dukat, Weyoun and Female Changeling in terms of great Trek villains.

The movies tend to be big, dumb, loud Hollywood blockbusters so lack the nuance I like in Trek. The best "villain" in the movie series is V'ger. An unknown, alien being that opens up philisophical questions. That we've de-evolved from that to fucking Eric "FIRE EVERYTHING!" Bana blowing planets up for no reason is a sad state of affairs.
Please, his reason is so obvious you'd have to be dead not to notice it.
no rational reason, then

"Waah, I'm mad, I will destroy others." It gets old.
Did someone claim Nero was rational? The man's home planet was destroyed, along with the people he loved. Of course he's not going to be rational. I think something like might lead you to do some crazy things. It even happens in real life when tragedy strikes.

Nah, it doesn't get old. Its been driving entertainment for years and people seem to like it. It's all in the execution.
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