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Re: Brannon Braga on the Borg in Voyager + his thoughts on the show

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" I could compete when she was flesh and blood but you sainted her after death and closed your heart to all new comers."
And that is what a lot of people assumed, but "what if" Chakotay's withdrawal was due to guilt. What if he was the one that "killed" her. We've seen him lose his father, we've even seen him lose Kathryn in "Before and After," we've seen him get over a lot. Maybe this was something else.
I always figured he somehow caused her death.

Then again in the books he turns into a babbling shell of a man for a few years (?) following Janeway's death that he didn't cause. Maybe there's just been so many deaths in his life that he's due to crash at the next big one?

Also rather hilariously C/7 breaks up seemingly within minutes of returning home. They never get married.

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