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Re: Why my friend doesn't like DS9: Sisko.

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Isn't that what I did?

Well either that nor narcissistically project your biases onto others.
What Tosk said is common-sense.
You calling it narcissistic merely shows your own biases you project onto others.

As for Picard - the borg crushed Picard's "iron" will with little more than an afterthought and used his knowledge and skills to bitch-slap the federation.
Deal with it.
And, yes, that was partly Picard's fault, too. Capturing the enemy captain is quite a feat for the capturer - far harder than merely destroying the enemy ship; it highlights either the incompetence of the captured or his naivete.
Common sense according to whom? Your mighty opinion?

I simply don't think people should be blamed or maligned for things they didn't do. Unlike you seemingly, I see both sides on an issue. If that's how you resolve conflicts in your real life by being one-sided, well heaven help you and all people like you.
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