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Re: New photo released: Probe, torpedo, or...

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What ever weapon it is, I hope that no mention of "yield" or "isoton" units gets mentioned.
I can't recall anything like that happening in the last movie.

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If it packs a punch, show it, not tell it...
Pretty much what they did, to the best of my recollection.

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... which is what an average episode of Voyager with a space battle does.
All of that, just to take a swipe at Voyager? I really can't see the point. If what you want to do is criticize what happened in Voyager episodes, then the VOY forum would be the place to go, because it's got nothing to do with what's under discussion here.
I mentioned Voyager as an example of it being guilty of canonicalising everything down to the last digit, leaving very little artistic license for JJ Trek and worse still if any use of fictitious technology is shown to do something spectacular or that was not done in VOY/DS9/TNG then you can guess the inevitable online noise regarding canon.

So for the sake of avoiding the above scenario, I just hope the torpedo just explodes and no one says too much about it.

Either that or just have the entire TOS crew fight the bad guys by throwing paper-mache rocks just to really fit into canon.
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