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Re: The Netflix Thread

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amazing though how inexpensive even Star Trek dvds can be found for - remember when the first TNG and DS9 sets came out - they were like a hundred bucks a set or something?
I remember the sky high prices around a decade ago. Though I didn't bite at the time.

I haven't really bothered buying the Star Trek tv season sets on dvds/blurays, other than the movies and season 1 of TNG.

Even with the very impressive picture quality and restoration of season 1 of TNG on bluray, I came to the realization it would end up collecting dust on my bookshelf. Though I've gotten more mileage out of watching the Star Trek movies on bluray/dvd.

I probably won't bother buying any of the other Star Trek season sets on bluray, unless they show up in the bargain bins for $10 or less. (It'll be a pure impulse buy at such a price).
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