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Re: 20 YEARS AGO TODAY: "But I'm Not Even Supposed to BE Here Today!"

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Plus, I wouldn't leave poor Ming alone for five minutes with Bryan or Kevin. They're still big guys.

Bryan looks like he could strip any one of us to the bone in under thirty minutes and then laugh like a drunken Viking as he picks his teeth clean with a blade from a Wolverine claw.
The "Bryan the Barbarian" throwing the Mjolnir-like hammer in the opening titles is great. Oddly, Bryan seems the "least into-comics" compared to everyone else on the show yet he (according to the "setup" of the show) hangs out there all of the time like he's Norm. I also wonder how much of the "still living in mom's basement loser" he really is considering his age and career, he has done some work in movies and television, largely working as, I believe, a DP on Smith's movies.

EDIT: Checked, on Smith's movies he largely worked as an actor, though he did serve as a crew member on Mallrats and Chasing Amy as well as, it seems, writer/director of his own work. He also has done some work in the comic book field.
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