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Re: The Netflix Thread

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Although it's funny - I mean I bought the Knight Rider dvd sets for like ten bucks at Best Buy last year around my birthday and then... Netflix streams it all again LOL Same thing with Farscape - they did every season except for 4 - so I buy four at Walmart -and guess what... it winds up on instant stream!

I wish Street Hawk would get on there - not that it was so great a show - but it's been ages since I've seen it and while I have most of the series on VHS that I taped off tv back in the day - I don't have a working vcr anymore.
These days I just rip my dvds to the computer, and watch it on the computer. If I feel like it, I'll connect the computer to the big screen tv via hdmi.

But yeah, it seems like a waste buying dvds/blurays of mediocre stuff that is available as flat fee streaming, which I'll probably only watch once or twice.

Many tv shows seem like that, including Knight Rider and Streethawk.
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