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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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I'll pretend that humans don't revert to the dark ages, and that the whole episode just doesn't exist.
Well the guy who created the show wrote the episode, so I think that's a losing argument from your side.

I didn't expect Sheridan to make the future perfect. But, the Earth basically destorying itself is just stupid. It also makes no sense. What about Mars, or the other human colonies? Earth would not be left alone to revert to the dark ages.
There were two sides in a war. The end result was the Great Burn. If Garibaldi hadn't been there it's possible there would be no Earth left at all. Then, it's made clear that in the 1000 years timeframe that the Rangers were *not* leaving them alone to suffer and were there *to help rebuild*.


jms wrote:
Some [colonies] probably would offer to help...but if technology is now suspect, some might not want that help...other colonies might be of the "screw 'em, they got what they deserved" perspective...often politics gets in the way of charity.
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