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Re: The Netflix Thread

AWWWRIGHT! I've been dyin' to see more of Justice League - that was on juuuust before I got cable again after like 12 years of just going with basic tv lol

Although it's funny - I mean I bought the Knight Rider dvd sets for like ten bucks at Best Buy last year around my birthday and then... Netflix streams it all again LOL Same thing with Farscape - they did every season except for 4 - so I buy four at Walmart -and guess what... it winds up on instant stream!

I wish Street Hawk would get on there - not that it was so great a show - but it's been ages since I've seen it and while I have most of the series on VHS that I taped off tv back in the day - I don't have a working vcr anymore.

But I WAS tempted to buy some Robot Chicken DVDs so it's nice to see those on there finally. I never could justify buying the disks, other than for the special features -since really a whole season is only a few hours - each episode is only 15 minutes or so. Same with Metalpocylpse and other Adult Swim shows.
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