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Re: David Rappaport in "The Most Toys"

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So, sorry if I'm missing it but did he complete all his scenes and they chose not to use them, or was it only partially completed when he died and therefore they had to reshoot the Fajo portions?
Not completely clear. What we konw:

-Episode was filmed in March. According to the TNG Companion, "a few days" into filming, Rappaport attempted suicide (the attempt was not successful).

-After this ATTEMPT, the TNG crew recast and reshot whatever scenes had already been made with Rappaport (it's not clear whether this was every Fajo scene, or only some. Each episode took, if I recall, about 6 days to shoot, so a "few days" could have been as much as 50% through filming, though not all these scenes may have been with Fajo in).

-Rappaport later successfully killed himself at beginning of May.
We can actually pin things down a little bit more. We know that Rappaport had attempted suicide by inhaling automobile exhaust on Sunday March 4th, 1990. The TNG Companion actually specifies that he completed two days of filming. Assuming his work on the episode began along with everyone else, that means the first day of filming was Thursday March 1st.

A typical TNG episode filmed for seven days (sometimes they shot an episode in six days, but that wasn't the norm). Each day of the week the call time for the actors and crew is later and later due to minimum turnaround, so filming on Friday probably started in the early afternoon and went into Saturday morning. That's probably where the "few days" (i.e. three) mentioned on Memory Alpha comes from.

Given this, I'd say he completed roughly a third of his role by the time he was replaced. Could still be wrong though... as you say, without knowing what scenes were shot when, we can't know how much of his specific role was completed. Hopefully the segment on the S3 set will tell us.
If TNG was anything like Doctor Who, and assuming there were no other scheduling complications, they'd usually shoot the scenes on new sets or with guest actors at the start of the shoot (again, assuming those sets were available), and then shoot the scenes on the regular/standing sets at the end of the week (as those could be rescheduled for later if things went disastrously wrong).
So as Rappaport's scenes were largely (if not all - haven't seen the episode recently enough to be sure) on his character's ship, not the Enterprise, two or days of shooting might be closer to two thirds or more of more of his scenes.
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