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Re: David Rappaport in "The Most Toys"

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I always found the interest in David Rappaport by Trek fans to be bizarre when he didn't even appear in an episode.
I think his tragic story is why there is interest. Also, almost no one's seen this footage before now... and how many other actors have been cast in a Star Trek role, filmed for a short time, then were replaced for whatever reason, and then died before the episode/film came out, the footage vaulted and forgotten? I think he's the only one. Am I right?
Was Barrymore filmed at all before he was replaced on The Alternative Factor? Then there's Genvieve Bujold. Neither was a death, but similar circumstances.
Thanks. Forgot about those two. According to MemoryAlpha, Barrymore failed to show up for work on the first day of filming.
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