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Re: Why does Enterprise get so much flak?

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Enterprise wasn't a bad show. It was just a show that suffered from burnout by the creative staff.
Totally agree on that point. It has it moments (even in S1/2) when it was really good and some of the character work was well done, but they really should have taken a break for at least a year if not several to recharge the batteries and bring in some fresh blood.
According to what I've read over the years, B&B did want to take at least a year off to recharge and also to refine their concept, but UPN wanted a new Trek show to start immediately, so they had to rush right in.
Pretty much, yeah. The Trek folks also wanted to do a show considerably different than the one that UPN and Paramount wanted.

Enterprise was more entertaining than Trek had managed since around 1995, so it's all good. The only season that was really patchy was the second. As far as this "campaign" to get a new version of it out of the Netflix ratings - that's extraordinarily unlikely, but I'd pay money to see it. I can't say that for most of the Trek spinoffs.
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