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More photos have been leaked from the filming of Super Megaforce.

We have Wild Force Black:

and some Lost Galaxy:

These are likely just supposed to be the Megaforce Rangers donning the costumes, of course.

And last but not least, a image of a former ranger on the set!


ETA: In regards to the Gokaiger suits:

The Gokaiger Suits will be used as a power up in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. The teenagers will use the Gosei Morpher to transform into the Megaforce Power Rangers (Gosei Suits). The Rangers will have the ability to transform to the Gokaiger Suits, which will act as the “Super Mode” (not confirmed name). This mode will allow the Rangers to transform into the Past Rangers form to match the Gokaiger footage. The Black Ranger will upgrade to Green Gokai Suit. They will use appropriate footage (existing and new) to match Jake’s personality.

Well, at least they are going to be used.
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