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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Kirk: huh? not a damn thing for season 5 gets spoiled in 'Deconstruction'. what are you talking about? The Garibaldi scene? If so, that spoils nothing at all.
To kirk, anything revealed beyond the "present" is a spoiler, hence his reaction to Londo's fate, hence his reaction to being told vaguely when B5 is destroyed. This... isn't a view most take, I don't think.
And yet he was fine being told Sheridan would keel over in 20 years. Like I said, I give up trying to reason with this guy.
That doesn't bother me because it says he has a maximum of 20 years to live. He could have died the day after they learned that. He could die anytime before the 20 years are up. Its still a mystery when he'll die, and what the circumstances will be. Right now he's still like anyone, he could die anytime. The fact that he will be dead in 20 years isn't a big deal, as long as you don't tell me how he'll die. He could die because of the limit, and that would be fine. But, at this point, its still a mystery. It means he can be in danger, and i won't know what will happen. There is the potential for suspense, which is what I want.
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