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Re: Brannon Braga on a possible Season 5 through Netflix + More...

Trekmovie reports on this:

Also has a poll up asking
Want to see ST: Enterprise Season 5 on Netflix (exclusively)

Currently stands at
YES 83% 1,194 votes
NO 17% 238 votes

Not sure how any Star Trek would stay exclusive to Netflix myself. I mean, there must be plenty of old farts like me, who like shelves full of DVD and Blu ray box-sets! I suppose that's going the way of album sleeves with gatefold artwork. Pity. Half the appreciation I have for collecting is having a physical product that sits in a bookcase, instead of on a hard drive which might end up deleted or irretreivably lost when it crashes.

Ultimately Braga's probably self publicising here and it's not likely, because it's not JJ Abrams Trek, but I'd like to see a better ending for Enterprise than we got, however long the story they might be able to get made.

Best thing to do, would be to get an actor from one of the other Star Treks to guest-star or make an appearance in it. As long as it doesn’t involve the holodeck… and a reunion of Scott Bakula, Connor Trinneer, Jolene Blalock and the rest of the cast is what the central story is about. Don't turn it into another Mr & Mrs Troi show.

Invite Michael Dorn onboard to play Worf's great grandfather (without ridges, in a helmet). That worked for Star Trek VI. Have Brent Spiner show up as Arik Soong. Flash backwards and forwards between the 22nd & 23rd Centuries, to show Archer really ancient alongside Zachary Quinto or Simon Pegg or something. That way it's got more crossover appeal than just Enterprise.

Perhaps reveal Leonard Nimoy Spock as Future Guy... or Archer gone bad.

Or else, maybe William Shatner could lower his asking price for that Season 4 story idea they had, revealing him to have been the NX-01's Chef or Mirror Universe counterpart on a rampage, trying to get back home.

Must be loads of ideas, that allow it to be Enterprise-centric but also blow kisses to the legacy. Boil it down and that's probably why Season 4 has the largest number of rewatchable episodes.
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