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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I'd object to any stupid, pointless romance, regardless of who is in it. If other relationships happen that are pointless, I'll call them out, too.
But that's just my point. Couldn't it be that the reason you didn't like the relationship was just that it seemed pointless, rather than having anything to do with the orientation of the participants? Why assume they were trying to call attention to their being gay, rather than simply writing those characters the same way they'd write any other characters?
I think it is probably both. Its pointless to the story, but I guess trying to call attention to gay characters counts as a point. It did feel like thats the main reason they were there, even beyond the potential romance with each other. What did we get about either character? One was the boyfriend of a extra who got killed in First Contact, and he's a friend of Nurse Ogawa. The other was freaked out by the doctor, and thought Keru was attractive. That is all either of them added to the story, minus one or two action scenes with Keru that could have used any security officer. It would have been pointless regardless of their genders, but the fact that almost every scene they were in was about them being gay and not advancing either the story or really even the characters very much is what makes me think they were just there for diversity. I mean, they weren't going to be main characters. Keru was basically filling in until Tuvok showed up, and the other guy was completely pointless. They had no real reason to be in the book at all, outside of a pointless romance and calling attention to the fact that there were gay characters on the Titan.

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As for the engineer, I was talking about Nidani Ledrah. The Way to Eden reference isn't fair because I always thought he was a human with really messed up ears, and the few times I've seen the episode it wasn't made clear that he was an alien, just maybe someone not from earth.
His ears were a lot more strange-looking than Spock's, and Spock was an alien. So that's kind of a surprising conclusion for you to have drawn.

I've never seen the DS9 episode, but not only does that guy look like a completely different species then the guy from TWTE, but he was apparently a background character so its not like its a well known example.
Here's a better picture. Aside from the ear prosthetics being more subtly sculpted and better blended, the only difference is the row of small spines on the forehead.

Granted, Tiburonians are not a major Trek race, but the point is that they were seen onscreen; you just didn't know it. And you could've always tried looking up "Tiburonian" on Memory Alpha to confirm whether or not they'd been seen before. I mean, knowing what Trek aliens look like can be as big a problem for the dozens of little-seen minor races as it is for book-original races, so I find it useful to consult Memory Alpha and other online resources when I wonder about things like that.
Well, I looked it up eventually, but not having internet at home means that when something like that happens while reading I usually have to wait until the next day, at which point I might be far enough along in my reading that I just don't feel like doing it. As for the Tiburon, even if I had known the guy in TWTE was an alien, the description of the engineer didn't even match up (to me, atleast) to what he looked like, so I wouldn't have made the connection anyway.
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