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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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If you're looking at, those figures don't appear to be adjusted for inflation.

Comparisons of movies at different times is meaningless, if the figures aren't adjusted.
I of course realize those are not adjusted but absolute figures are what most people use to compare films. STFC still made the most in absolute dollars for any of the movies before ST09. ST09 and STTMP sold the most tickets. There are often inaccuracies with using the adjusted numbers based on what method used to adjust, and international sales were less accurate back in the 70s and 80s and figuring out the ticket prices is even more problematic.

I'm still trying to figure out why STTMP's original take of $175 million has been readjusted from almost every source I see to $139 million.

Using the Consumer Price Index, the inflation calculator on this site... reveals 1979's $139,000,000 to be worth approx. $432,787,275 in 2012 money. Out of interest, according to Box Office Mojo, First Contact took $146,027,888 worldwide in 1996, which translates to $210,978,720 2012. I have no idea if this is the most accurate, or even an appropriate, method of comparing box office figures.

Accounting for inflation, STID's take domestically rises to over $403 million total as well ($278 million domestic). Probably over $420 million worldwide.

It is partly this disagreement on accuracy both amongst fans and the business that I don't normally like using adjusted figures.
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