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Re: Revisiting the films...

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The series often enough made nods to time required to get from place to place, but the films usually glossed that over without one line of dialogue to address it.
Yeah, that bugged me too.

#1 STTMP- yeah, it was slow, but it felt most like the series to me. Plus: a great SF movie Trek or not.
#2 Undiscovered Country- all I love in Trek is here.Great send off.
#3 Voyage Home- No Enterprise here sadly, but the character & dialogue is spot-on!
#4 Wrath Of Khan- plot holes aside, a rousing action tale with a great score & high emotion.
#5 Search For Spock- Not a great movie, but full of great moments and even better FX.
#6 First Contact- Feels epic, lots of fun.
#7 Insurrection- a perfect extended NG episode.
#8 Final Frontier- Clean up the FX, and add Rock-men to finale (and take out a few stupid gags) and this movie would be way higher up!
#9 ST '09- not much sense here, but lots of eye candy & action. Plus Nimoy.
#10 Nemesis- kind of a waste of time, nice first few minutes though.
#11 I think it's called 'Generational' or something... whatever, it's so bad I can't deal.

Warp drive was always a conceit to enable the starship to explore a new planet every doesn't bother me THAT much. Going to the center of the galaxy bothers me slightly more because its much further away than the borders of the UFP to Sector 001, but it wouldn't ruin the film for me alone.
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