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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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And, you must remember, that humans, minbari, and many other races were specifically engineered by the vorlons with this outcome in mind. They weren't just creating telepaths, they were playing a very long game.
That's pretty much how I see it. Remember Ironhart from season 1's 'Mind War'? Psi Corps didn't magically make one of their own spontaneously mutate into a being of thought and energy, they flipped some switches in the telepath gene (the one implanted by the Vorlons) that were most likely to remain dormant for a long time to come.

It becomes a little clearer if you've read the Psi Corps novels and that one short story by the same author. It goes into a little more detail as to how the Vorlons went about creating telepaths and what their long terms plans might have been had they still been around. They'd been tampering with many species for tens of thousands of years, but humans it turns out were their pride and joy, producing way more powerful teeps than the other races.

Indeed, the implication is that the Vorlons themselves weren't *that* powerful telepathically and what ability they did have may have itself been artificially engineered. The reasoning being that the mechanics of natural selection prohibits an species that evolves telepathy from becoming sapient since it wouldn't need to.

Imagine a prey species that could instinctively get into the head of a predator and make it forget it was hunting it. Or a predator that could will it's prey to come out of the bushes and just lie still while being eaten. It's an evolutionary dead end. Conversely a sapient species will only evolve to become better tool users, since environmental pressure becomes less of a factor in evolution once a species learns to adapt the environment to suit it.

Oh and I wouldn't trust anything from the RPGs. That stuff was nothing but licensed fan fiction.

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Kirk: huh? not a damn thing for season 5 gets spoiled in 'Deconstruction'. what are you talking about? The Garibaldi scene? If so, that spoils nothing at all.
To kirk, anything revealed beyond the "present" is a spoiler, hence his reaction to Londo's fate, hence his reaction to being told vaguely when B5 is destroyed. This... isn't a view most take, I don't think.
And yet he was fine being told Sheridan would keel over in 20 years. Like I said, I give up trying to reason with this guy. And yet...
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I didn't expect Sheridan to make the future perfect. But, the Earth basically destorying itself is just stupid. It also makes no sense. What about Mars, or the other human colonies? Earth would not be left alone to revert to the dark ages.
Stupid? You use that word a lot but I don't think you understand what it means. You use it like it means "something you don't like."

Anyway, the Great Burn was just a bump along the road, just like the last dark age. Just like then, the dark age is followed by a renaissance bringing back culture and civilization stronger, move advanced and prosperous than it was before the fall of Rome. Likewise, we've stumbled along the way, have some not insignificant periods of chaos and strife, but as a species we've always eventually come out the other side better than when we went in.

To answer your question though, Mars and the other human colony worlds are probably mostly OK. What Earth did was mostly self-inflicted, the ISA cannot interfere with internal conflicts. Besides, in the long run what good would it do? Earth needs to learn to stand on it's own two feet and make their own way in the galaxy again, or else it'll just repeat the pattern over and over.

Plus, as has been pointed out, it all turns out for the good. Earth did eventually rebuild, they're still a part of the Anla'shok a MILLION years on and have taken the responsibility of watching over a new generation of younger races, hopefully without repeating the mistakes of the Vorlons and Shadows....sure someone blew up Sol and made them relocate to "New Earth" (the old Vorlon homeworld according to JMS) but that's just another one of those bumps along the road...

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