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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Our friends at Trekcore (Basically the go to site for Star Trek news since last year) have given us some new photos on Season 3 (Non-Best of Both Worlds stuff) for us to either enjoy or complain about. Personally, these shots look absolutely stunning but the last time shots were released, it brought some controversy along the way. With that being said, complain away.
These shots are all amazing! How are these guys doing this - turning a cheap looking 80s TV series into something modern and cinematic? It's an absolute credit to the outstanding talent at CBS Digital! HMV's work is simply pathetic by comparison. I wish CBS D could remaster all of the seasons. Do we have any info yet on who is doing seasons 4 and 6?
I never thought the show was "cheap-looking."
Yeah, the poster seems to equate age with "cheap"...not by a long shot.

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