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I would still have complained. Look, I won't lie. Gay romance in media isn't exactly a topic i'm comfortable with, but I don't think its wrong or anything. I believe everyone has a choice, and in the end its fine to have it in books and other stuff, if it actually has a point. I can think of many comic book characters who are gay and they don't seem around just to show diversity (like Batwoman, Northstar, Flat Man, etc.). I'll admit that I don't like romance in general in books/other media and star Trek isn't usually an example of something that does romance well anyway outside of the big guys (Riker/Troi, Picard/Crusher in the books, etc). But, if the Keru stuff in this book had a point and didn't feel like the writers padding out their word count and/or just wanting to show "diversity" at the expense of the actual story, then I wouldn't have a problem. As it is, it derails the sections its in, and goes nowhere. I'd object to any stupid, pointless romance, regardless of who is in it. If other relationships happen that are pointless, I'll call them out, too.

As for the engineer, I was talking about Nidani Ledrah. The Way to Eden reference isn't fair because I always thought he was a human with really messed up ears, and the few times I've seen the episode it wasn't made clear that he was an alien, just maybe someone not from earth. I've never seen the DS9 episode, but not only does that guy look like a completely different species then the guy from TWTE, but he was apparently a background character so its not like its a well known example. Also, how am I supposed to know what an Efrosian is? The few times you see them, their race isn't referred to (although thanks for linking to that, I was just imagining the guy as a human with a mustache). Since I haven't read Orion's Hounds or Over a Torrent sea, it seems like the discription or that species comes a bit late in the series (although since she seems to be a very minor character, just mentioned so that Troi can tease Riker, it kind of makes sense that she's not described, even if it is a bit annoying). As for human-dolphin sex, I'm not touching that one. I've seen the videos on various TV shows, I know how dolphins are. It doesn't make it any less creepy. Since the officer in question isn't a dolphin, its not a big deal (although what her species actually is brings to mind Futurama's episode about the mer-people and how fish/aquatic creatures reproduce, but I'd rather just not think about it).
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