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Re: Why does Enterprise get so much flak?

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Enterprise wasn't a bad show. It was just a show that suffered from burnout by the creative staff.
No one held a gun to the "creative staffs" collective heads and forced them to churn out "Enterprise" episodes like so many tennis shoes from a chinese sweatshop!

If any or all of the staff were "burnt out" then they had a duty to stepdown rather than grab a paycheck for sub-par work. Really, that has got to be the most poorly thought out line of reasoning one could profer to support their contention that "Enterprise" was "average" Trek.

"Average" Star Trek was still good and better than most TV shows. "Enterprise" went downhill from a mediocre-at-best first season.
Given what I've seen on Robert Hewitt Wolfe's Twitter, the creative staff did have a gun to their head: the fact that there was no guarantee they could get another job. If one of the main guys who wrote MASH had to keep pitching shows up until he died, it just goes to show that the TV business is a lot harder than most people think it is.

Besides, given what recent interviews with Berman and Braga revealed, like the exec that wanted hot bands to show up on the NX-01, I think Berman and Braga at least managed to keep UPN from making things worse. There's no guarantee that someone else wouldn't have knuckled under to UPN's stupid demands or been too inflexible about the show and gotten replaced with someone who'd do whatever the suits wanted.
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