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Re: Why does Enterprise get so much flak?

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Enterprise wasn't a bad show. It was just a show that suffered from burnout by the creative staff.
No one held a gun to the "creative staffs" collective heads and forced them to churn out "Enterprise" episodes like so many tennis shoes from a chinese sweatshop!

If any or all of the staff were "burnt out" then they had a duty to stepdown rather than grab a paycheck for sub-par work. Really, that has got to be the most poorly thought out line of reasoning one could profer to support their contention that "Enterprise" was "average" Trek.

"Average" Star Trek was still good and better than most TV shows. "Enterprise" went downhill from a mediocre-at-best first season.

FYI, this is why I respectfully contend that "Fans of Enterprise" (FOE) have no ability to discern or distinguish a "good" production from a "bad" production. They, IMO, will bark and clap for anything said to be set in the "Star Trek" Universe. They were willing accomplices in Berman & Braga's driving "Star Trek" into the ground and they should be ashamed! ASHAMED!

Whoa! How's that for venting? Boy, do I feel better. Anyone up for a beer?

It would probably be more fondly remembered if Archer hadn't been such a dufus early on and there weren't six-hundred episodes of the Star Trek franchise preceding it.
No, it would have been more fondly remembered if those in-charge had "cared for" and "believed in" what they were doing from it's inception.

I would add that I exclude Manny Cotto from my criticism as I think he really tried to take the shit he was given and make something good out it. When he stepped in, however, "Enterprise's" fate was already a done deal. Even still, he tried. That's what I respect and all I expect.

If I at all felt Braga (and/or Berman) had "swung for the fences" on this "Enterprise" then whether it succeeded or failed I would have applauded. They didn't even pretend to try. They knew what to say. They knew how to hype fan interest. But when it came to the nuts-and-bolts of its production, my impression, is that neither one cared. And it showed (at least to those not wearing glasses of the rose-colored variety).
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