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Re: How much time passes between TMP and TWoK?

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If it only wasn't for that bottle of Romulan Ale dated 2283...
That always confused me! WoK is the first time it's established on film that it is the 23rd century although I don't know where the "exactly" 300 years from now came in, it was assumed that Star Trek was from 2265 to 2268 and Wok was released in 1983 so 2283 is the current year! So the bottle is dated current year and "it needs time to age" ? Huh? Is that an ironic statement or am I just confused about how time works. Did they forget the "23rd century" is the 2200s, maybe and it was meant to be about 100 years old?
TWOK was actually released in 1982, but the idea that TWOK was set "exactly" 300 years from now was just something fans came up with.

Sure, TOS has been retconned by many as taking place between 2266 and 2269--to match up with its 1966-1969 airdate on NBC--but it's not official. The only thing that is official is VOY's placement of Kirk's 5-year mission between 2265 and 2270. That gives a few years of wriggle room for the subsequent placement of TWOK (one of the points of this thread).
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