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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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If you have been really annoyed by HTV's work and aren't a massive fan of season 2 to begin with then you will not enjoy the blu ray. It's okay if you are prepared to ignore some of the truely managled shots and constant on and off DNR. However, if you are not prepared to be chilled out about those things you will get frustrated at least half a dozen times per episode. The fun and enjoyment of seeing the love and respect that CBS D poured into season 1 is utterly lost when watching season 2. I have tended to come away from at least half of the episodes feeling that a unique opportunity was lost.
Yeah, sadly I have to agree. With the wild fluctuation in quality from shot to shot, I found watching S2 a much more frustrating experience than watching S1. And it doesn't help that even the live-action stuff in S2 looked far more flat and drab than what we've seen with S1 and S3.

Visually, if any season could have used an extra little bit of love and attention from CBS-D, it was season 2.
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