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Re: Best and worst ship/base assignments?

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Or if, despite humanity's evolved sensibilities, SF is leary of letting anyone run around the universe.

That's definitly fodder for a nice story. Sort of a "Why do you think Earth is a paradise? They want us STUCK here, while the brightest of the bright take their rightful place in the heavens" conspiricy story.
The problem with this is that we've seen plenty of civilians with their own ships, including the Hansens exploring space on their own aboard their ship, the S.S. Raven.
True, but they were 'authorized' and had a flight plan.
Having to file a flight plan is hardly the same thing as not having a right to explore space. And the exact nature of the Hansens' "authorization" is unclear.

Harry Mudd and the Hansens arn't exactly ringing endorsements for letting civvies run around.
There have been plenty of other civilians with their own ships throughout Trek. If anything, Trek makes it clear that interstellar space is teeming with civilian ships.
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