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Re: TVGN additional info

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Not if Lionsgate, who still owns the other half, doesn't want to rebrand it.
more info on the CBS purchase of 50% of TVGN
The deal is expected to close sometime next week. Coincidentally, a rebranding effort that will eliminate the last vestiges of the channel's origins as an interactive program guide is planned for late March. The new moniker, TVGN, is of a piece with a longstanding tradition wherein a cable network dumps its established brand for a more generic cluster of initials (see also: AMC, ID, TLC).
"Would we like a general entertainment cable network? Sure, we would," Moonves said. "Do I think we could run it extremely well? Of course we could. We have a great deal of production, we have a great deal of expertise in that. Could CBS 2 be far more effective than a number of cable channels that are currently out there now? Absolutely. But I think the last thing the cable operators want is another general entertainment channel from us."
So CBS has plans for this cable network with carriage in 81 million homes.
Actually, the article doesn't say that. The only thing it says is that CBS was looking for a way to get into the cable industry (ABC, NBC, and FOX already have cable properties--CBS is very late to the game).
the other network CBS purchased the majority stake in
AXS is in 40 million households.
That's a digital tier-only channel on most cable systems--one of the last vestiges of niche programming, IMO (although that's fading there even as we speak).
Only 40 million...then TVGN is obviously a contender for a serious rebranding.
It's already been seriously rebranded (TVGN is the new name it just adopted). It's moved away from its original TV listings format to an actual channel with programming.
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