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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Yes, they could! That's the fun part! Including the one where Thor becomes a member of SG-1 while Carter goes off to study on the Asgard homeworld. Don't worry, it only lasts a season.
Why do you think the show got canceled? Thor was a horrible replacement, the audience just didn't connect. Then Sam gets shipped off to Atlantis to have Lemonhead's baby.

And Teal'c was already replaced with evil Teal'c. Where do you think the hair came from...
I thought they left it uncertain which Teal'c we wound up with, like Sliders did with Professor Arturo. So the real Teal'c could still be out there.

What did you think about Emmett Bregman becoming the leader of SG-17? I think it was a ballsy move. A filmmaking SG team has a lot of story potential.
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You might want to edit out part of that post, Silvercrest. Some of it actually is a real spoiler.
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All right all right all right. I was hoping I could slip one in there to see teacake's reaction later.

I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids.
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Thank you!!!!! You can all tell me what it was after it occurs, LOL.
Okay, here goes. Along with the jokes about Teal'c and Bregman (and I think some other made-up thing), I slipped in a reference to the Asgard giving all their secrets to the SGC and then committing racial suicide. It sounds so ridiculous in print that I didn't think you'd peg it as a real spoiler. Then when you actually saw it on the show later, you'd do a double-take. "Wait a minute...."

I think it actually would have worked as long as everyone else here kept mum. Since there's no guarantee of that, it's probably better that I deleted it.

If no one else gave it away, would you have bought it?
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