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Re: Rewatching Star Trek Enterprise

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Dear God, do you hate yourself that much?!?! Self-flagellation would be far less painful than suffering through a Jolene Blalock performance. They should have named her character T'Pu (pronounced "T"-poo ).
Why do you try to keep crapping on something someone else enjoys? If you dislike the series that much, why waste so much time in this particular forum?
Because I am still trying to work through the pain and emotional scarring left in the wake of the crap-fest known as "Enterprise" and the Jolene Blalock induced tinnitus that has her raspy, cokehead-like voice still lingering in my ears. Every episode of this stinker seemed to restate the Horta-ish message, "No thrill I."
Funny, I feel this way about DS9 but I know everyone else in the world loves it; that's cool. I enjoy "Enterprise" and if I'm honest; it is my second favorite Trek after TOS (although I do enjoy TNG & Voyager).
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